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Morikami CB Mori Mirador Lorraine (30 capsules)

Food supplement Help control weight Maintain shape and burn excess fat. With a mixture White Bean extract helps block flour. And acts to inhibit enzyme activity. Alpha-amylase Carbohydrates Ingredient of L-Carnitine Accelerates the burning of excess fat. Reduce orange skin. Make shape more compact. Extracts from tea in addition to health. In terms of weight loss. It inhibits the lipase from the stomach and pancreas. To reduce fat digestion. The fat is less absorbed into the body. Reduces the formation of new fat. In addition, green tea extract stimulates the metabolism in the body when working with. L-Carnitine makes a difference when eating regularly. One thing is indispensable when the body is burning more. It needs more nutrients to nourish the body.

CB500 has added vitamins to those who eat. Get nutrients and vitamins that fit. The result is a more proportionate shape, reduced weight, and firmer, orange peel skin. Get enough vitamins each day. Do not shabby or malnourished due to weight loss. - Pass the standard No. 10-1-03856-1-0150
- Products under the Moriimami Labraira brand.
Вес 60 г
Количество капсул 30
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Block fat blockers Multivitamin Body Care Reduce LDL. Low Density Lipoprotein helps burn fat. Reduce appetite
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