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TER UV MATTE CUSHION Shampoo is specially developed for Thai skin, especially for 25 colors of honey.

Announcement: The new Ter Cushion powder is coated with a glossy film and a velvet case.

Innovative To meet the needs of the girls. Passionate about beauty With special features. Moisturizer That keeps the moisture The skin looks radiant all the time. Smooth texture It also helps to cover up smoothly. Not sticky Do not leave stains or flaky, long lasting, waterproof, and also control the oil on the face. And most importantly, it saves time to make a very well. Then you can just use the UV Control Powder Control.

There are 4 color tones under the skin of Asian girl.

1. No. 20 Pure White for bright white skin.

2. No. 21 White Tone for White

3. No. 23 Olive Tone for two colors.

4. No. 25 Honey Tone for Honey

How to use

1. Use the puffs in the cartridge.

2. Puff over the face.

3. Use the puff pressed gently. The area you want to cover is special again.

Product in box contains

1. UV Matrule Oil Cognac Cartridge, 15 grams, 1 cartridge

2. Reagent size 15 grams 1 cartridge

Registration number is 10-2-5925513.

Вес 30 г
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Help control it during the day. Sunscreen with SPF 50 PA +++ Long lasting, waterproof, sweat The texture is light but concealed. Skin looks radiant and radiant naturally. Cost effective A refill and velvet envelope inside the product box.
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