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Omatiz Collagen Peptide Omega-3 Collagen Peptide Revitalizes the skin With 100% Pure Collagen

Omatiz Collagen Peptide Pure 100% Collagen Peptide, the top of Japan's largest manufacturer brewed and dissolved easily, no sludge, no fishy smell or people are melting. In less than a minute Rejuvenate the skin With 100% pure collagen, the smallest molecule is only 300 Dalton.

Omatiz Collagen Peptide Special Features

- Made from deep sea fish leather Purity And highly flexible

- Imported directly from Japan.

- free of allergens No preservatives Do not put preservatives

- Restructuring the skin. Increase flexibility

- Skin is full of smooth, make-up.

- Reduce wrinkles of the skin to see the baby down.

- Reduce knee pain, osteoporosis.

- Hair loss, strong hair.

- Strong nails are not broken easily.

- Collagen provides up to 90% protein with 18 amino acids.

Can be added in drinks And both hot and cold food without value. And do not spoil the food.

How to eat Omatiz Collagen Peptide: Take breakfast - before going to bed one time, mix with water or food.

No. 10-1-02757-1-0008

1 box = 25 envelopes (5g x 25 envelopes)

Вес 150 г
Штук 25 х 5 гр.
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Купить Omatiz Collagen Peptide / Коллагеновый пептид (5g x 25 packs)
- Restructuring the skin. Increases flexibility - Smooth skin, long lasting make-up - Reduces wrinkles of the skin, bounce the child down. - Reduce knee pain, beriberi. - Reduce hair loss, strong hair. - Nail strength is not easy.
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